United By Blue Randall's Island Cleanup

By United By Blue (other events)

Saturday, November 10 2018 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Join United By Blue and Randall’s Island Park Alliance for a cleanup of the island’s shores on the East River!

Randall’s Island Park has undergone a major restoration in the last two decades, transforming the island into an oasis for recreation and wildlife in the center of New York City. Located on the East River and Harlem River, Randall’s Island sits between East Harlem, South Bronx, and Astoria Queens, making it a central access point for park users. Part of the rejuvenation efforts of recent years have included wetland restoration projects and protection of green space for wildlife use. Not only does the park promote recreational use with a large network of trails, sports venues, and outdoor activities, but it also supports a wide variety of wildlife habitats. These include freshwater wetlands, coastal habitat, and even a tidal marsh. Natural areas are prioritized on the island, so much so that an educational and fully functional urban farm was even created within the park! However, the island is still vulnerable to trash and debris collecting on its shores, since it sits in the middle of two rivers’ currents. Help us remove this trash from the shorelines to keep Randall’s Island a beautiful habitat and recreational space for all!

United By Blue will provide all cleanup supplies, snacks, and water. Join us for cleanup games, prize giveaways, and a day of enjoying and caring for Concrete Plant Park on the Bronx River!

United By Blue thanks Zipcar for its transportation support during the 2018 cleanup season.

Learn more about the cleanup calling 215-278-7858 ext. 4 or by emailing