Sit with Someone Sundays

By United By Blue (other events)

11 Dates Through Dec 30, 2018

Cost: Free
Table Reservation required.
Blue Goat Life is about realizing that checking all the boxes in life might not lead to the happy ending we all expect. It is about deciding exactly what you want for yourself and your one life and being unapologetic about going after it. Breaking out of the herd mentality of our modern society and finding the courage not to take the road less traveled, but to blaze your own trail.
If you could live each day without wondering what others would think or say about you, what would change? If you could be the 100% unfiltered version of the real you what would be different? At #SitWithSomeone join the Blue Goat Life Movement, sit with a stranger, find the courage to unleash the gift that you are into the world. Grab coffee and take a minute to slow down and connect. Share your unique perspective on life with others to go beyond surface level conversations.