Psychology of Survival Workshop

By United By Blue (other events)

Friday, November 16 2018 7:00 PM 8:30 PM

Join Dave DiCerbo, owner and founder of Destination Backcountry Adventures, for a workshop on the psychology of wilderness survival!  

ADAPT Survival School

What is the number one predictor of who will endure in a survival situation? Not skills, not gear, but the ability to control panic and think clearly. Learn how to overcome the instinctual fight or flight response and make decisions that could save your life using David DiCerbo’s signature ADAPT approach to survival. No matter what situation you’re in, getting lost on a day hike or facing an injury on trail, the lessons learned here will help you overcome your survival situation, including:

- Psychological response to survival

- Effective decision making under pressure

- Needs assessment

- Putting together a survival kit

- Risk evaluation and management

- Utilizing available resources

- Self rescue

All of the tools learned in this course will help on the trail and in everyday life in New York City and participants will take home their very own wilderness survival kit!