Land & She Block Printing and Journaling Workshop

By United By Blue (other events)

Tuesday, August 13 2019 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Participants of this class will learn the art of block printing, while being able to make and take home hand-printed journals to use as connection to themselves, as well as some handmade greeting cards to gift to others. We will discuss the importance of taking time to slow down through printmaking and journaling, and why the outdoors is such a wonderful outlet for finding our voices.

*Please bring to class a pencil with eraser, ruler is optional. While working with ink there's a possibility of staining your clothing, please prepare accordingly.

About Land & She
Land & She is a studio and shop run by Emily Kelley, and based in Philadelphia, PA. Emily's work comes from inspiration in nature and the world around her, but also embracing the feeling of the unknown. It is through illustration and block printing that Emily has found a way to connect to her innermost voice, and hopes to inspires others to experience the same. Emily is also a graphic designer by day for United by Blue, and seeks the outdoors and an escape from the city to the woods whenever possible.